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How to Rest (Part 4) - Sleep


We spend more than 1/3 of our entire lives in bed, thus sleep is important. Having a mattress or sleep area that supports getting the proper amount of rest is key. The first step is to have no TV or radio in your sleep area. Avoid study,

reading, and too much talking in your place of rest. Definitely avoid arguments with loved ones. I know a couple who made a “talking room,” across from their bedroom. The talking room is for arguments or “difficult” conversations. The goal is to cultivate good energy and to have positive associations with your bedroom. Your bed is an altar for sleep and intimacy. It is a place filled with peace and love.

The sleeping area should have good ventilation. Fresh air should be able to circulate, and it must be free from outside noise as much as possible. Proper bedding that “breathes” so that you don’t encourage night sweats or get too hot is also important. If you sleep with a pillow, use a pillow that supports the head and neck in-line with the spine. If you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or belly sleeper -- customized pillows are available to support proper spine alignment. Duration of sleep varies. For some, (5x) hours will suffice, for others 8 or even 10 hours of sleep is necessary. Ayurvedic knowledge can help keep your specific rest needs in line with your body type. In Ayurveda, your body type is your "constitution." Vedic knowledge coupled with consistent yoga and meditation practice improves sleep quality.

Finally, a sleep journal for an extended period of time helps correlate growth and quality of sleep. Record and track notes on quality, dreams, and duration for 3-months, 6-months, or a year. Maintain a sleep journal as long as you like, but stay mindful and revisit your writing. Studying your sleep notes with sleep performance enables identification. You will be able to correlate your activities of the day, as well as your state of mind directly with sleep quality. Adjust daily practices and food intake as needed until your optimal sleep quality is achieved.

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