How to Rest (Part 3) - Proper Food & Nutrition

Proper Nutrition and Food Intake

We all need a proper intake of food for energy. But it is the knowledge of vitamins, minerals. And the availability and access to the correct foods that sustain us in the long run. Avoiding processed food is the number one priority for a yogic diet. (Even if you are not aiming to be a yogi.) Digesting food takes an enormous amount of energy for the body. Eat healthy and light. Small portions are subjective. If the entire meal can fit into the size of both your cupped hands--it appropriate. Eat small and moderate amounts of food. In this manner, the body needs less energy to breakdown the intake. Resulting in more rest for the body. Thus more energy to use on building and maintaining immunity. Yogic diets are vegetarian. But if your culture or constitution does not support a plant-based or vegetarian diet. Eat natural, whole foods in small portions to achieve a favorable outcome. Again, rest easy, you do not 'have to' become a yogi.

The word “diet” is a trigger for many people. Guruji always says, ‘What you resist, will persist.’ This is a law of nature. Dieting is suppression of desires/cravings. It is best to unearth and understa