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Video: Black Male Yoga Initiative: One Man's Mission


Changa Bell is an American author, entrepreneur, mindfulness expert,

cultural activist, human developer and one of the nation's #1 life and

behavior change strategist.


Author of the book, Affirmations for Dads: 21 Lessons in Minding Your

Fatherhood, Mr. Bell has empowered men and women alike around

the world through his life development programs. He created the

transformative personal development program focused on health

equity: The LifeForce™ Development Curriculum.



Mr. Bell is a certified certified eRYT+350, from the Sri Sri School

of Yoga and Ministry of AYUSH - GOVT OF INDIA IYA 350

and is considered a Global L2 Expert Yoga instructor. Mr. Bell

is a Georgetown University Certified Health Coach, Owner

of Sunlight & Yoga Holistic Wellness Center, and is the

Founder and Chief Yoga Officer of the nationally acclaimed

non-profit, The Black Male Yoga Initiative.


His work has touched the lives of people on all levels of

the socio-economic spectrum and thus has received

honors from the Baltimore City council, the Baltimore City

Mayor’s office, B.Me Community, Red Bull Amaphiko  and

from President Barak Obama. Through conferences, seminars,

fairs, festivals, workshops and through features in publications from

The Huffington Post  and People Magazine to Good Morning America

and Teen Vogue, Mr. Bell is able to make an impact.

As a cultural activist and human developer he has been named a Black Enterprise Modern Man. His personal mission is to brighten, improve and motivate, while expressing the values of: compassion, encouragement and love, for family issues, education and spirituality. As such Bell helps people connect with their purpose and increase attention to self-care via holistic health practices and specifically has set out to train ONE THOUSAND Black Men to become certified and registered yoga instructors! Mr. Bell asserts that HEALTH IS OUR HERITAGE and thus we can HEAL A NATION BY CREATING A NATION OF HEALERS.


His message of RelationShift, LifeForce™ Development, and Health Equity through Yoga continues to serve people across the world. 

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To contact Changa about a speaking engagement, please email:

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Center for Black Male Achievement, Rumble Young Man Rumble

  • BMe, National Conference

  • Black Father's Book Expo

  • Red Bull Amaphiko

  • Summit

Awards & Fellowships

  • President's Award for Community Service

  • Fox 45's Champions of Courage Award

  • Black Enterprise Modern Man

  • American University Black Alumni Alliance CBCF Excellence

  • CBMA

  • Red Bull Amaphiko Fellow

  • BMe Fellow


"Our  organization of fellows  were  suffering  from compassion fatigue.  Many experienced health threats, divorce, and stress as a result of being overworked and putting themselves last.  After Changa's presentation at our National Conference, we turned self-defeat into self-care & used our tools to foster immediate change and  positive results. Today our organization is stronger and more aware than ever before." 

-Benjamin Evans, BMe Co-Founder

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