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Welcome to BMYI, where we are enthusiastic about promoting health and wellness for all. Our objective is to establish a future where social determinants like gender and race do not have an impact on an individual's health. At BMYI, we firmly believe that health is our birthright, and we must all work to preserve and enhance it.

We strive to promote health equity and mental well-being among men of color through our programs. Our programs are designed to empower individuals to take control of their minds and bodies, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of good health in the future.

We are delighted that you visited BMYI, and we are committed to assisting you in achieving optimal health and wellness throughout your journey.

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Tyriq's Yoga Journey...

BMYI started because of one man's journey to health and his wellness story sparked a movement to empower vulnerable communities.[See Founder's Story here: Changa Bell, Men's Health.


BMYI's founder and Chief Yoga Officer, experienced a major heart event that led him on a path of healing through the practice of yoga. Along the way, he discovered two major issues affecting his peers: they too were suffering from major health threats, and many were not making it through.

Determined to make a difference, Changa became a Registered Yoga Instructor, earned multiple certifications, and even became a Georgetown University, Certified Life Coach. After leaving his position at Georgetown University, he created the Black Male Yoga Initiative, Inc. which has since evolved into "BMYI", impacting thousands of participants each year.

BMYI partnered with Fresh Start at Living Classrooms in Baltimore, Md. (below)

Initially, BMYI focused on building awareness in the black community about how yoga could mitigate the health issues plaguing the community. But as the organization grew, it became a place where program participants could further their growth and become registered yoga instructors. The goal? To create a nation of healers who can help heal a nation.

At BMYI, we believe in elevating culturally inclusive voices and viewpoints to promote authentic value. Our programs support individuals of all identities and abilities to become catalysts for change in their own lives, their communities, and beyond. Join us on our journey to promote health and wellness for all.


At BMYI, we create a holistic health infrastructure and personal connections to promote a broader definition of health and well-being. Our aim is to undo health inequity by working together as a society to ensure conditions for everyone to be healthy.


The Black Male Yoga Initiative is the premier organization for the community. We provide holistic education, events, marketing strategies, and information and services that support self-actualization, personal agency, and self-empowerment. The result is healthy, productive, and positive individuals. We improve individual and community health.



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