How to Rest -- Mindfulness (Part 5 of 5)

Life coaches, therapists, healers, and contemporary yogis often recommend positive thinking as a way to improve life. Although the concept seems easy, consistent positive thinking is difficult to achieve. A few thousand years ago, in an era of parchment paper and message delivery by pigeon, it was much easier to come by. But today, in an age of technology, marketing, and a 24-hour news cycle -- thinking positive is all but impossible. There is a corporate agenda to "shock" viewers to keep interest. And what is "provocative" is often not positive.

Thus, the modern challenge for many of us is to learn how to “undue” bad programming. We get bombarded with so much negativity and are desensitized to its effect on our mind-body. We have a steady diet of violence from sports, video games and entertainment. Experts suggest to “tune out" and "turn off” in order to "tune-in" to our inner being. The question is how do we do it?