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SANTODANTA YOGA-The Art of Teaching Hatha Yoga






a quick note about Covid-19:

BMYI Training has moved online. BMYI is headquartered in the country side of Maryland. We remain vigilant as our state officials work hard to ensure the safety of all those living here and traveling through. In our effort to be in compliance with changing requirement we have moved yoga teacher training online.

200 Hour Santodanta BMYI Teacher Training Program 

A transformational method of embodied consciousness and radiant health created by Changa Bell.
BMYI training cultivates:
● Inner and outer strength and fluidity
● Skill and intuition
● Vital energy and relaxed being
● Activation and receptivity through balanced sequences
● A way to transform old patterns and paradigms of the body, self and the world to discover the potency and creativity within
● A way of liberating the natural flow of spontaneous intelligence
● A cultivation of the art of yoga including: movement, music, sound, visual arts and poetry to deepen the flow
● A way to ride the waves of breath to change life rhythms
● Living, loving, serving life in all forms

BMYI's YTT is an intense holistic training that helps participants evolve beyond impulse, health inequity and apathy, into deeper levels of self-centeredness, awareness and action. Trainees will develop skills via:

  • Morning and evening asana sessions.

  • Knowledge of yoga scriptures.

  • Knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

  • Creating safe space..

  • Pranayama and meditation.

  • Personal Development.

  • Chanting, fun and laughter.

Earn your certification

The BMYI Yoga Teacher Training Program is partnered with Yoga Alliance and Sunlight & Yoga, LLC to offer an accredited 200 Hour Yoga Certification.

Certification includes guided focus on the history of yoga, philosophies, and the metaphysical energies associated with yoga practice. These principles will include, but are not limited to the lineage of yoga, the Eight Limbs, chakras, koshas, doshas, bandhas, pranayamas, etc., the study of anatomy, adjustments, asanas, readings of Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, guided meditations, kriyas, bhaktis, and more. 

The course includes practical, hands on application of principles taught with critique and discussion included. 

Greetings, My name is Changa Bell.

My wife Devonna and I founded Sunlight & Yoga in 2014. My personal yoga journey began as a kid, watching my dad, a first sergeant in the U.S army, practice yoga. He was an anomaly and his modeling would help save my life. At 30 years old I developed a heart condition. Despite incredible pressure that made me feel worthless and overwhelmed, I knew deeply that I was not powerless. I started with what I felt I could change, my behavior and lifestyle; I turned to yoga. Years later I am pacemaker free and living my truth.  



I studied asana, learned yoga philosophy, fasted and practiced pranayama and meditation and became a Georgetown University Health coach and Mindfulness expert. 

Over the ensuing decade, I studied with world-renowned asana and meditation teachers and completed multiple 200 and 300-hour trainings, and lived on an ashram in Rishikesh, India to deepen my study. In 2015, I founded the Black Male Yoga Initiative. 

I received so much benefit and guidance from yoga that I naturally wanted to share it with others. I am committed to living yoga as a traditional and holistic system.

My wife and 6 children live on the Bell Valley Homestead and work everyday to live a sustainable life.



Training Days

Mondays: 5-7pm

Wednesdays: 5-7pm

Saturday: 9am - 10am

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The Inward Journey 200hrs
Jan - Oct 


Training for your 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification is a process that lays the foundation for a magnificent shift in your life. BMYI works to break down the barriers to advancing though the certification process (for those who are passionate about the transformative power of yoga. 

You may have tried a home practice with online videos or DVDs, maybe studied yoga in college, or in a studio and realized that you were making incredible progress not only in your physical life but you began to see shift in your overall wellbeing and interconnectedness. 

Often that next step is the longest or shortest step in our life. We either are quick to say yes or we need time to work through barriers/strongholds. (worry, financial planning, scheduling) The fact of the matter is that,

Often students are drawn to this training because they have faced adversity and yoga was pivotal to their healing; so much so that they are being called by those around them to share their healing process. We also have students who are health professionals that have witnessed the research that proves the efficacy of yoga. Either way, I'm guessing you have a your own story and you are ready to put a coma where there is a period. 

These traits make for a good match for our teacher training:

You can read more about our philosophy here but we though we might share about our past ideal students, and just a few of the many traits that make for the best match. You may see yourself in them. 

  • You aren't drawn to yoga as a fad. You are not looking for instagram moments or a way to finally put those yoga pants to work.

  • You have a genuine interest in yoga beyond the jaw dropping poses. 

  • You are willing and eager to know yourself more completely, to develop a mind-body awareness. 

  • You have some desire to teach. At BMYI you will often hear: When we heal we don't heal alone. People are feeling overwhelmed, blindsided, and are in physical pain. Yoga helped you and you can share this science and art of living with the community.

From experience, these traits don't make for a good fit.

People who are not interested in introspection and simply want their certificate.

Are not able to prioritize and complete coursework. 

Habitually late/absent.

Yoga has touched your soul, opened your heart,

and now you are ready to take a deep dive and teach. 

"Okay, I am ready!"

​BMYI's yoga teacher training is designed to bring out the best parts of yourself and work with the shadowy parts as well. It’s a process and it takes dedicated effort inside and outside of the classroom.

Can you see yourself doing 2-3 hours of outside assignments per week (on average)? Are you willing to explore self-selected changes in your diet and lifestyle? Are you open to developing a regular home yoga practice, starting at just 20 minutes a day and building from there?

Join like-minded yogis and begin your journey to become a 200 hr Registered Yoga Instructor.


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